Admissions Policy

Please click here for the Langley Fitzurse Admissions Policy

This policy has been drawn up to give a clear understanding of the Governing Body’s policy on admissions to Langley Fitzurse School, and reflects the LA’s admissions criteria for primary schools and is in line with village cluster schools.  For further information, please click this link:      The Wiltshire Council Determined Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools for 2017/18 can be found under the Info & Policies section of this website.

Published Admissions Number

Our published admissions number (PAN) is agreed with the LA, and represents the number of places we agree to offer each year. This will only be exceeded in agreement with the LA.

Admission Dates

All children may start school full time, irrespective of their birth date. However, parents may request for their child to attend part-time. The governors have agreed that this must be in units of new school terms.