All children have a right to a broad, balanced and relevant education, which prepares them for the wider world.
At Langley Fitzurse C of E Primary school our curriculum aims to involve children in decision making, has clear educational purpose, is delivered with imagination and has measurable success and value.

To ‘amaze, excite and inspire’ is at the heart of our teaching and learning. As a Church of England Primary School, we believe that God is central to all of our lives and that God values each and every one of us. Our curriculum reflects this and aims to provide opportunities for all children to learn and achieve, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, differences in ability.

We follow the National Curriculum throughout Key Stages 1 and 2.  Details about the National Curriculum can be accessed here.  Should you require further information about the curriculum at Langley Fitzurse, please contact Miss Cox in the School Office.

At Langley Fitzurse we encourage children to:

• Try new things, so that they develop lively and enquiring minds;

• Work their hardest, to develop their true potential and take pride in that achievement;

• Express their feelings and beliefs, together with a willingness to ask questions and to discuss rationally;

• Understand others, to respect their values and consider thoughtfully their own attitudes;

• Explore the wonders of God’s world together, to think creatively and with imagination; knowing that Christian values are at the heart of our school.

• Never give up, so that they may be adaptable, reliable and self-reliant.

As staff and governors we:

• Plan with the principle of matching the challenge of the National and Skills curricula to the needs of every child.

• Monitor carefully the effectiveness of policies and practices.

• Understand that many learners need focused help at some point in their education and all pupils need to feel valued for their achievements, at whatever level.


At Langley Fitzurse C of E Primary School, we know the importance of developing thoughtful and resilient learners, with the confidence and skills to reach their full potential and becoming respectful, responsible, active members of society. Personal Social, Health and Economic Education is taught to all children, using the Coram Life: SCARF informative and participatory program of study.

We endeavour to ensure that children have the skills to make healthy, informed life and relationship choices to support their own mental health and keep themselves safe.  Our broad curriculum helps children to understand, and value, how they and others fit into an ever changing world. Children are taught to be respectful and responsible members of the school, and wider community and to treat everyone equally. They have an awareness of British values, the Christian way of life as well as respect for other beliefs and religions. We teach children to be responsible for their own and others emotional and physical needs to give them the confidence and skills to as they approach adolescence.

All lessons are tailored to the children’s ages and needs with the teacher actively encouraging them share their thoughts and feeling, if they wish, in a safe, trusting and supportive environment. PSHE is taught discretely once a week and additional lessons are provided should the children need extra support. Our school ethos promotes a culture of support and trust at Langley Fitzurse, meaning that PSHE is not seen as a one off lesson, but rather an ongoing discussion and school culture.

Phonics and Reading:

At Langley Fitzurse, we use Sound Write, a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) approach from Reception to Year 4. It begins with the initial code, moving onto the extended code and spelling patterns.

Children read in school and take home decodable books linked with the Sounds Write programme. When children are able to decode confidently, they move onto book banded books at their reading level. We have a range of lovely books in our school library that the children can freely choose and borrow from regularly.

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