Our vision and Christian values

As a Church school, we aim to show that we are distinctively Christian through the following:

Motto: Amaze, Excite, Inspire

Vision: To ‘Amaze, Excite and Inspire’ a confident, happy and resilient school community. To be an inclusive church school where everyone can be the best God has made them to be.

Our Core Values:

These are all underpinned by Family

Aims: To ensure that

  • the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children prepares them for adult life and making a positive contribution to their community
  • children feel happy, safe and secure
  • children have basic moral values and are compassionate and respectful
  • inquisitive minds are encouraged
  • children value exceptional learning, that they persevere and build the skills to become independent, life-long learners
  • children take satisfaction from trying new things and working hard
  • children are given the lifelong gift of prayer
  • equality is promoted, diversity is celebrated and prejudice is negated