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Home Learning whilst we’re closed

Please encourage your child to access Bug Club, Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars.  Purple Mash also has lots of fun primary education activities as well.


Home Learning for the rest of the term looks a bit different!  Mr Osler and Mrs Wilson would like your child to choose a country and work their way through the ‘Country Project’ tasks, which include maths, English, geography, history, RE, science, DT, music and art.  We are very excited to see what your child finds out about their chosen country!  Mrs Howe would be grateful for photos of their learning for the school Facebook page as well.  Please email them to   Happy investigating!

You will see that the weekly spelling sheets will still be uploaded.  Your child can also work through any of the previous weeks’ tasks that they have missed – they are all listed below.  There are also Bug Club, Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars.

Country Project
Spelling Sheet T6 W6 group a
Spelling Sheet T6 W6 group b
Spelling Sheet T6 W6 group x

English – Tigers Part 1
English – Tigers Part 2
Reading Comprehension – Cactus
Reading Comprehension – Call Me Ishmael
Talk for Writing – Year 4 – Amazing Aliens
Talk for Writing – Year 5 – One Chance
Reading Comprehension – Pirate Attack
Reading Comprehension – Toothpaste
Reading Comprehension – Pugs
Reading Comprehension – Pugs – Answers
Reading Comprehension – Skyhawk
Reading Comprehension – Skyhawk – Answers
Commas for Embedded Clauses
English – Year 4 SPaG Mat
English – Year 5 SPaG Mat
Reading Comprehension – Rivers
Reading Comprehension – Roman Newspaper
English Presentation – Fronted Adverbials
English – Fronted Adverbials
Yr 4 Mission
Yr 5 – Meet the Rhi -Swano -Zeb-Tah
KS2 Pick and Mix
How did it happen?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
A Busy Morning – Reading Comprehension
Ahoy Me Hearties – Reading Comprehension
How did Rome begin? – Reading Comprehension
The Story of the Bees and the Flies – Reading Comprehension
Spot the Adverbial
Spot the Missing Comma
Create a Creature
Teeth Crossword and Word Search
Food Groups
Big Ben Reading Comprehension
Opening Night Reading Comprehension
Sun Safety Reading Comprehension Activity
The London Marathon Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Wimbledon Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity 
Pet Care of a Hamster – Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Pet Care of a Guinea Pig – Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Roald Dahl – Differentiated Reading Comprehension ActivityCreative Writing Task 1:  Advertise Your Town
Creative Writing Task 2: The Ascent
Creative Writing Task 3: Film Review
-ant, -ance and -ancy Word Endings
-ent, -ence and -ency Word Endings
-cial and -tial Word Endings
-tious and -cious Word Endings
Garden Birds – Differentiated Reading Comprehension
Hindu Gods – Differentiated Reading Comprehension
Pet Care of a Bearded Dragon – Differentiated Reading Comprehension
Complex Sentences Game
Reading Comprehension – Choose Your Challenge
Independent Writing Activities – please note these are suitable for Year 5 as well as Year 4
Armed Forces Day – Differentiated Reading Comprehension
Fossils – Differentiated Reading Comprehension
FA Cup – Differentiated Reading Comprehension

Spelling Sheet T6 W5 – Group a
Spelling Sheet T6 W5 – Group b
Spelling Sheet T6 W5 – Group x
Spelling Sheet T6 W4 – Group a
Spelling Sheet T6 W4 – Group b
Spelling Sheet T6 W4 – Group x
Spelling Sheet T6 W3 – Group a
Spelling Sheet T6 W3 – Group b
Spelling Sheet T6 W3 – Group x
Spelling Sheet T6 W2 – Group a
Spelling Sheet T6 W2 – Group b
Spelling Sheet T6 W2 – Group x
Spelling Sheet T6 W1 – a
Spelling Sheet T6 W1 – b
Spelling Sheet T6 W1 – x
Spelling Sheet T5 W5 – Group a
Spelling Sheet T5 W5 – Group b
Spelling Sheet T5 W5 – Group x
Spelling Sheet T5 W4 Group a
Spelling Sheet T5 W4 Group b
Spelling Sheet T5 W4 Group x
Spelling Sheet 3a
Spelling Sheet 3b
Spelling Sheet 3x
Spelling Sheet 2a
Spelling Sheet 2b
Spelling Sheet 2x
Easter Spelling Sheet – Group A
Easter Spelling Sheet – Group B
Spelling Sheet 1a
Spelling Sheet 1b
Spelling Sheet 1x
Spelling – Sheet 1
Spelling – Sheet 2
Spelling – Sheet 3
Spelling Sheet #1
Spellng Sheet #2
Spelling Sheet #3

Maths 1 – Multiply 2 Digits by 1 Digit
Maths 1 – Answers
Maths 2 – Multiply 3 Digits by 1 Digit
Maths 2 – Answers
Maths 3 – Be the Teacher!
Year 5 Code Cracker – Multiplication and Division
Year 4 Code Cracker – Multiplication and Division
Year 5 Rapid Reasoning – Week 2
Year 4 Rapid Reasoning – Week 2
Maths Quick Guide to Bus Stop Method
Maths 1 – Bus Stop Division
Maths 2 – Bus Stop with Reminders
Maths 3 – Division Word Problems
Year 4 Maths – 5 Minute Rapid Reasoning
Year 5 Maths – 5 Minute Rapid Reasoning
Mental Maths 1
Mental Maths 1 – Answers
Maths – 2D Shape Crossword
Maths – 2D Shape Matching Activity
Maths Challenge – Shape Decision Tree
Maths – 2D Shape Help Sheet
Maths Quadrilaterals – Dotty Paper
Maths Quadrilaterals
Maths Quadrilaterals – Answers
Area Code Crackers
Area & Perimeter Sheet 1
Area & Perimeter Sheet 2
Area Sheet 1
Area of Compound Shape 1
Fraction Problems 1
Fraction Problems 2
Fraction Problems 3
Fraction Problems – More
Double a Decimal – 1 DP – Sheet 1
Double a Decimal – 1DP – Sheet 2
Double a Decimal – 2DP – Sheet 1
Double a Decimal – 2DP – Sheet 2
Dice Investigation
Alphabet Tally
Add & Subtract Using Negative Numbers #1
Add & Subtract Using Negative Numbers #2
Ordering Positive & Negative #1
Ordering Positive & Negative #2
Building Equivalent Fractions
Halving Sheet #1
Halving Sheet #2
Doubling Sheet #1
Doubling Sheet #2
Middle Number Sheet #1
Middle Number Sheet #2
Missing Numbers in Columns
Crack the Code
Ordering Decimals – Worksheet 1
Ordering Decimals – Worksheet 2
Addition of Decimals – Worksheet 1
Addition of Decimals – Worksheet 2
Subtraction of Decimals – Worksheet 1
Subtraction of Decimals – Worksheet 2Missing number – Addition
Missing number – Subtraction
Missing number – Multiplication
Missing number – Division
Short Division Practice
Fractions of Numbers
Year 4 Adding and Subtracting
Year 5 – Square Prime Factors 
Using known facts
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Fractions Test
Number Investigations
Odd and Even Numbers Investigation
Ordering Numbers

Science – Launchball Computer Game
Science – Body Science
Science Spinners
Weather Watch
Frog Lifecycle
Planets Mnemonics Sheet
Science – Sounds
Science – Habitats
Science – Branching Diagram
Science – Adaptation

Geography – Extreme Weather
Geography – Tornado Time
Geography Tasks – Tornadoes
Continents Game
Continents and Oceans
Capital Cities – Use an Atlas
European Countries – Use an Atlas

History Task – Victorian Children at Work
History – Activity Sheets
History – Victorians through Art
History – Timeline Task
History – Timeline Answers

RE – Five Pillars of Islam
RE – Mosque Labelling
RE: Islam Help Sheet

PSHE Routine – picture prompt
PSHE Wellbeing – Connecting with Others
PSHE Routine Tasks

e Safety
e Safety Sheet 1
e Safety Sheet 2

We use White Rose for maths resources at school.  Here is a link to their home learning platform:

They are going to be offering a daily learning conference call between 10-11am starting on Monday, where parents and children can ask questions about the work too.

You might also want to check out the great resources on the Oxford Owl website.  Here’s the link.

Free maths games

Daily writing tasks

Check out Rainforest Coding here
User Name: fitzurse
Password: rainforest

Other ideas:

  • Keep a diary of what you are doing each day
  • Write your own story about the Titanic
  • Write a letter to a friend or an older relative
  • Create a fact sheet about the Titanic

We would love to see your work!  Please email it to