The Role of the Board of Governors

Mr Hearn and the staff are responsible for the day to day operational running of the school, including delivering on teaching and learning.  The Board of Governors is a committed team dedicated to the further development of our school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.  The role of the Board of Governors, as stipulated by the Department for Education, is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure the money is well spent.

The Structure of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is made up of 11 positions as follows:

  • 2 Parent Governors (elected by the Parents)
  • 1 Local Authority Governor (appointed by the Local Authority)
  • 2 Foundation Governors (appointed by the Diocese)
  • 2 Staff Governors (appointed by the Staff)
  • 4 Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the Board of Governors)
  • 1 Associate member (appointed by the Board of Governors)

The Governing Body must act as a corporate body. It must also act with integrity, objectivity, honesty and in the best interests of the school.  The governing body will:

  • Elect the Chair & Vice Chair
  • Approve the school budget
  • Review & agree the School Improvement Plan
  • Agree any general principles on pupil discipline
  • Decide any changes in the times of school sessions
  • Set the Governors’ objectives for the year
  • Ensure all pupils can take part in a daily act of worship

The governing body has a duty to:

  • Hold a meeting at least once a term
  • Consider the LA’s curriculum policy
  • Ensure that the national curriculum is implemented
  • Ensure that RE and daily collective worship are provided

Our Committees

There are 3 committees – Leadership & Resources, Standards & Performance and Christian Distinctiveness.  The governing body will determine the membership of these committees and remains accountable for any decisions taken.  The overriding objective of the committees is to work towards an outstanding rating from Ofsted and from SIAMS (statutory Inspections of Anglican & Methodist Schools) at the earliest opportunity, and to maintain that standard.  Towards meeting this objective they will work closely with the full governing body, the school and all stakeholders, including the Church.  With them, they will ensure that the necessary steps are embedded in the School Improvement Plan and the Self Evaluation Form to drive the school forward.

Our Panels and Working Groups

In order to support the work of the committees, we have the following Panels and Working Groups:

Staffing Panel

Composed of 3 non staff members of the Governing Body, this panel has the delegated power to make decisions relating to staff discipline and termination of employment.

Performance Management Panel

Composed of Chair of Governors, a member from each of the Committees, the Exofficio or Foundation governor and School Improvement Partner.  The compliment of this committee will not include members of staff or those with a conflict of interest.  Where this may occur the FGB will appoint another person. This panel undertakes the Headteacher’s annual performance review and recommending any Headteacher’s pay increment.

Appeals/Complaints Panel

Composed of 3 other non staff governors (not from the staffing panel), has the delegated power to hear appeals/complaints, ensure the policy for Appeals and complaints is adhered to and make decisions following a Staffing Panel Meeting.

Pay Panel

Comprises 3 members.   This panel meets once a year to approve the result of the Headteacher’s performance review and any recommendation for a salary increment. This panel also approves the pay policy including performance related pay for teachers.

Finance Working Group.

Comprises of the Headteacher, a member of the L&R Committee and the office administrator responsible for financial reporting. This working group meets once a term (prior to L&R Committee meetings) to review the budget status and/ or plans in detail.  A summary of these discussions is then presented to the L&R Committee meeting.

Health and Safety Group

Working with the delegated power from the L&R Committee, the Headteacher and relevant school office staff form the H&S Working Group to monitor the management of health and safety throughout the school.  A summary is to be presented to the L&R Committee and the Health and Safety Governor.

Risk Assessment Panel

Comprises of the Headteacher, Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Governors. This working group meets annually to complete a Risk Assessment of the School.

Our Link Governors

In order to better understand key areas of the school and provide a link between the governing body and staff we have appointed link governors for the following areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • SEN
  • Early Years
  • AG&T
  • Church
  • Safeguarding
  • Health & Safety

Some of our Responsibilities

Function Tasks
GB Procedures To draw up instrument of government and any amendments thereafter
To appoint (and remove) the chair, vice-chair and clerk of a permanent or a temporary governing body
To hold a full governing body meeting at least three times in a school year
Curriculum Approve and monitor curriculum policy
Approve and monitor sex education policy
Approve and monitor Special Education Needs (SEN) policy.
Ensuring that Racial Equality and Cultural Diversity are included in the PSHCE policy
Approve and monitor charging and remissions policy for activities outside the NC
Budgets To prepare and approve formal budget plan for each financial year
To monitor monthly expenditure.
To establish a charging and remissions policy
Miscellaneous financial decisions
To enter into contracts over £2,000
Identify budget priorities in school development plan
Staffing Headteacher appointment, suspension and dismissal
Approve and monitor pay policy
Establishing disciplinary /capability procedures
Determining staff complement
Performance Management Approve and monitor performance management policy
To implement the performance management policy for the Headteacher
Discipline/ Exclusions Approve and monitor discipline policy
To review the use of exclusion and to decide whether or not to confirm all permanent exclusions and fixed term exclusions where the pupil is either excluded for more than 15 days in total in a term or would lose the opportunity to sit a public examination.
Admissions To appeal against LA directions to admit pupil(s)
Collective Worship Arrangements for collective worship
Premises Buildings insurance and personal liability
Procuring and maintaining buildings, including developing properly funded maintenance plan
Monitor condition of site and premises. Approve repairs over £1000
Health & Safety Approve and monitor a health and safety policy as agreed with LA
School Organisation To publish proposals to change category of school
Information For Parents Adoption and review of home-school agreements
School Improvement Plan Review, accept and delegate School Improvement Plan
Extended Schools To decide whether to offer additional activities and to what form these should take